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                                         (continued from page 03)  equipment use an electronic spark ignition, rather than a continuously
          Modern natural gas ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills, for example,   burning pilot. This saves an additional 30% on energy costs and mini-
        feature high efficiency and reliability as well as easy cleaning. And it   mizes the emissions emanating from home appliances.
        costs about half as much to cook with a natural gas range as with a   The American Gas Association (AGA) reports that natural gas cus-
        similar electric range. Many of the new models of natural gas-cooking   tomers could save up to 67% this winter compared to customers using
          The fuTure iS now: rnG could Be The MoST reliaBle and coST-effecTiVe renewaBle enerGy Source

            With renewable resources playing a big part in the   of, traditional natural gas.
          nation’s energy future, attention is turning to how   RNG can be transported directly to homes and busi-
          Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) will help achieve critical   nesses using the existing natural gas infrastructure.
          objectives of a clean energy economy. Those include re-  It is carbon neutral and versatile. RNG can be used in
          ducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating sustainable   homes and businesses, in manufacturing and heavy
          jobs and increasing the diversity of the energy supply.   industries without the need to modify pipelines or
            At its full potential, RNG could well be the most reliable   equipment. It is also suitable for electricity production
          and the most cost-effective renewable energy source.  and as an alternative fuel for transportation.
            RNG is a pipeline-quality gas that is fully inter-  The environmental benefits of RNG include:
          changeable with conventional natural gas.            •  Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG): As
            This ultra-clean and ultra-low carbon natural gas   RNG comes from animal waste and other biomass
          alternative is produced when organic waste breaks     sources, the small amount of GHGs released are
          down and emits methane gas, called biogas, which      about 21 times less potent than methane released di-
          can be processed and blended with, or used in place   rectly into the atmosphere. In effect, RNG represents
                                                                                          the recycling of carbon
        Courtesy of the environmental ProteCtion agenCy                                   fossil fuel represents the
                                                                                          that is already circulat-
                                                                                          ing in the environment,
                                                                                          whereas burning a

                                                                                          release of new carbon
                                                                                          emissions that were
                                                                                          previously sequestered
                                                                                          in the earth.
                                                                                          •  Improved waste
                                                                                            management. Collect-
                                                                                            ing and processing
                                                                                            animal waste from
                                                                                            agricultural activities
                                                                                            prevents run-off into
                                                                                            local waterways and
                                                                                            reduces groundwater
                                                                                            Numerous utilities
                                                                                          have realized the bene-
                                                                                          fits of using and promot-
                                                                                          ing RNG to customers to

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