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a naTural choice: naTural GaS aPPlianceS offer enVironMenTally friendly oPTionS
          for ouTdoor liVinG SPaceS

            Natural gas offers a comfortable, convenient, reli-  which can generally warm a 12- to 20-foot area and
          able and clean fuel for outdoor living spaces, providing   help take the chill out of early spring or crisp fall nights.
          consumers an affordable and environmentally friendly   Heaters can be permanently installed in-ground, deck
          option for a variety of outdoor appliances. Consumers   mounted or hung from a roofline. Other heaters are
          have many options for adding natural gas appliances to   freestanding and portable to allow for greater flexibility
          their outdoor living spaces.                         in use.
            One of the most popular elements of outdoor living
          spaces is the outdoor kitchen, said Jerry Scott, senior   The finiShinG Touch
 Photo Courtesy of lambert landsCaPe Co., dallas, texas  configurations.  help set the ambiance,” she said. “Multiple layers of light
                                                                Gas lighting can help pull the outdoor living space
          vice president of sales for RH Peterson Co. Outdoor
                                                               together, said Kimberly Mistal, outside sales representa-
          kitchens can feature gas grills, side burners and island
                                                               tive for Legendary Lighting.
                                                                “It is a decorative touch and provides a soft glow to
            Gas grills and side burners ignite quickly without the
          long warm-up time of charcoal or wood burning grills,
                                                               can really set the tone for the outdoor space.”
          and they offer more precise temperature controls to
                                                                Mistal said consumers can maximize the impact of
          deliver more consistent cooking results. Unlike propane
                                                               lighting by creating layers of lighting with electric
          grills, gas grills offer a reliable fuel source that never
                                                               uplighting in trees complementing gas lanterns placed
          runs out.
                                                               throughout the outdoor space.
        Photo Courtesy of rh Peterson Co.                      ings to allow for flexibility in placement throughout
                                                                Gas lanterns can be mounted to walls, posts or ceil-
                                                               the yard.
                                                                “Putting a gas lantern over outdoor dining tables
                                                               is a really nice touch,” Mistal said. “Lanterns on posts
                                                               around the pool or fire pit can frame the space.”
                                                                Gas lanterns can also be equipped with an electronic
                                                               switch that allows homeowners to turn them on or off
                                                               or set the lights on a timer.
                                                                The variety of natural gas appliances offer versatility
                                                               to homeowners to create an inviting and comfortable
                                                               outdoor living space with a clean burning and cost-
                                                               effective fuel source. n
          Gas fire tables, fireplaces, firepits and other fire features create a cozy
          ambiance for outdoor spaces and are one of the most popular features for
          outdoor rooms.
            Fire features — including fireplaces, dining tables
          with fire pits in the center, fire bowls and fire pits — are
          also popular for outdoor living spaces, Scott said. Natu-
          ral gas fire features offer both convenience and safety.                                                  Photo Courtesy of legendary lighting
          Because there are no sparks or hot embers, gas fire pits
          and fireplaces can be located almost anywhere — even
          close to patio furniture or on wood decks. There is no
          hassle of gathering or buying wood or trying to start
          the fire, and no waiting for wood to burn itself out
          since the fire can be turned off with the flick of a switch.
          Natural gas is also a less expensive option than purchas-
          ing firewood, Scott said.
                                                              Gas lanterns add a finishing touch and soft glow to outdoor spaces, helping
            Many homeowners also choose to add patio heaters,   to set the mood for gatherings.

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