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        deciduous trees around                                                                                          Photo Courtesy of martin assoCiates, ChiCago, illinois
        a home provide cooling
        shade during the summer
        while allowing the winter
        sun to add warmth.

        a green solution

        Well-planned landscaping saves energy while creating beauty.

        By Tonya McMurray

                    ost homeowners think of landscaping as a way of   To maximize the sun’s warmth in the winter and take advantage of
                    improving their home’s curb appeal and aesthetics,   shade in the summer, the DOE recommends using deciduous trees. De-
                    but a well-designed landscape can also reduce energy   ciduous trees with high spreading leave sand branches should be planted
        M costs and enhance sustainability.                    to the south to maximize roof shading during the summer. Trees with
          Positioned correctly, trees, shrubs and vines can save up to 25%   leaves and branches lower to the ground should be planted to the west
        of the energy used in a typical home by providing shade and acting   where shade is needed from lower sun angles in the late afternoon.
        as a windbreak, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).   Evergreen trees, on the other hand, can provide continuous shade
        Well-shaded homes often see a reduction of up to 40 degrees in attic   and block heavy winds. The DOE recommends homeowners avoid
        temperatures, according to the National Association of Landscape   planting evergreen trees too close to the south side of a home if they
        Professionals (NALP).                                  are hoping to use passive solar heat from the winter sun to increase
        “Positioned correctly, trees, shrubs and vines can     the efficiency of natural gas heaters and boilers.
                                                                Windbreaks of trees and shrubs on the north and northwest side
        save up to 25% of the energy used in a typical         of a home can deflect winter winds away from buildings. Windbreaks

        home by providing shade and acting as                  can reduce wind speed as much as 30 times the windbreak’s height,
                                                               according to the DOE. Reducing wind speed will reduce the wind
        a windbreak.”                                          chill near the home, helping to maintain warmer and more consis-
                              — U.S. Department of Energy      tent temperatures.

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